Francine Schill

Francine Schill

The Successful Girl

Empowering Entrepreneurs ✨ Hi, I’m Francine! I’m a business coach, author, beach lover and espresso fanatic. I’ve spent the last few years helping entrepreneurs, Startups and corporations Create and Launch successful Brands that they love!

I worked in the multi-billion dollar industry of NASCAR and Indy with Fortune 500 companies to oversee brand development and create opportunities in possible micro-branding in the NASCAR and INDY Series. Identified, recruited and retained new business partnerships that generated enhanced marketing and sales revenues, resulting in greater (“ROI”) for clients and collaborating partners. I was the founder of G&G Motorsports Marketing, the first women-owned Motorsports Marketing company on the east coast that I have successfully managed for over 10 years. I specifically structured my company to harness the power of Motorsports most popular image to build brand and corporate awareness across the nation. I have a BS in Marketing and Business Management and an extensive background in marketing and branding. At the same time I was blessed to become a columnist for Women’s Entrepreneur and had my own column, “Successful Girl” and I am a published author of my own book “Successful Girl The Entrepreneurs handbook” that walks a new business owner step by step on how to grow a new business digitally. I decided it was time to start teaching others how to start their own dream business, brand it and launch it!

Now I’m sharing everything I know with you!

All of the bumps in the road, the mistakes, the highs and the lows –everything– so you don’t waste valuable time or energy like I did.

It’s Your Turn! What does your dream look like?

Give your business the espresso it needs by Joining THe Create Brand Launch Series and pick the right course for you!

We’re in this together! I can’t wait to meet you and watch you grow.

Cheers to your health, happiness and personal success!



This Create, Brand Launch Series are specifically designed courses built to help any entrepreneur, creative dreamer, or just simply anyone looking to start their own business digitally, to Brand & Market it!

Create Brand Launch!

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